Complete Credit Repair Services

Maintain a Good Rating With Complete Credit Repair Services

Complete Credit Repair Services has many years of experience in evaluating credit and guiding consumers to assert their legal rights. We are a company that strives to provide reliable service and give you the best credit score you can achieve. We will be with you every step of the way, even after you get good credit scores.

Why Choose Us

Our extensive knowledge on business and mortgage credit, correction, and correction credit education has pleased a lot of past clients. All of the work we do is completely legal, so the law is on your side as well. We prepare all of the necessary documents needed for the credit bureaus, all at a reasonable rate. You are free to back out from our services any time since our company does not provide binding contracts.

We guarantee honesty and dependability from our work. With us, you can achieve the best results for your credit rating in the fastest time possible.

In addition, the software that we use speeds up the process of repairing your credit and saves you both time and money. This allows us to send in the items that you want to dispute weekly, only in a matter of minutes. Our software is 100% error-free and will only make your credit score better.

Meet Our Team of Professionals

Charles Sims_square

Charles R. Sims Sr.

Charles Sr. is the owner of Sims Properties and a partner in Complete Credit Repair Services. A retired manager from a major utility company, he has extensive management and engineering experience. He also served in the U.S. Navy for six years. He is happily married and lives with his family in Cincinnati, OH. During his free time, he likes to take vacations, build and remodel, do woodworking, and spend time outdoors with his friends and loved ones.

Charles Sims II_square

Charles R. Sims II

Charles is a partner in Complete Credit Repair Services and loves helping people to a brighter future. He is highly skilled with accreditation in credit repair and also holds a certification in HVAC sciences. He lives in Milford, OH, where he loves spending time outdoors to go camping, fishing, hiking, and other activities.


Brandon L. Sims 

As a partner of Complete Credit Repair Services and a certified credit repair specialist, Brandon loves helping people and being part of a great team that helps clients enjoy a secure financial future. He lives in Milford, OH and is currently pursuing a computer science degree. During his off time, he loves videography, photography, and playing hockey.