Complete Credit Repair Services

Frequently Asked Questions About Credit Repair

What do Credit Repair Companies Do?

Some companies may just try and get items removed from your credit report. Here at Complete Credit Repair Services,

We work with You to Evaluate YOUR individual situation

Together we form a plan to get You back to a Financially Healthy State.

Then we execute that Plan, keeping you engaged every step of the way.

Are license required to practice Credit Repair?

Yes we are licensed in the State of Ohio. We are regulated by the Ohio Division of Financial Institutions.

We are Bonded in the State of Ohio in which we are Located. We are also licensed in Several other States.

In what States are you licensed?

We are Licensed in Several States and we are constantly Growing. We can currently work for you in the following States.

  • OHIO
Are You Better Business Accredited?

YES we are An Accredited Credit Repair Services Company by The Better Business Bureau of Cincinnati       

How can we Conduct Business?

If you live near our office, we would prefer a face to face, but we realize we do business in many states and it will not be feasible to travel.

We can take all orders and information over the phone and online.

We also use text and email to keep you updated of any changes in your credit score.

You can access you private portal 24/7 to track progress and keep up with your Changes. 

Am I stuck in a Contract?

WE must have a written, Signed Contract to work on your behalf. That is the law.

Each person will have different needs, so we work for you on a month to month basis. When you have reached your Goal, we will sit down and discuss how we can continue to help and weather you actually need our help, hopefully by then you will Take Charge and be a CREDIT EXPERT.

What is a Credit Score?

Your individual Credit Score is a tool that allows lenders to determine Your particular Financial Credibility.

This allows them to access YOUR CREDIT WORTINESS. It also determines the rate of interest they charge and weather you can obtain financing for a car, house or any other purchase.

What is considered a Good Credit Score?

There are several different scales to determine your score, however they are similar. So we will use the most common range which is the FICO range.

Very Poor                 300-579

Fair                            580-669

Good                         670-739

Very Good                740-799

Exceptional               800-850

What determines my Credit Score?

There are several models in use each have different but similar factors and are weighted differently. Here is One Model.

Payment History…………….. 25%

Credit Card Usage………….. 20%

Credit Age…………………..….. 10%

Derogatory Remarks………. 25%

Hard Inquiries…………………. 10%

Total Number accounts….. 10%

How long will it take to fix my Credit?

All individuals are different, and all scores are Different, so the length of time will vary.

We will work for you until we get you to your particular financial goal, this may include several milestones that we will set together during The Credit Repair Process.

How Does The Process Work?

Evaluate >>>>>>> Form A Plan >>>>>> Execute The Plan