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Credit Score Repair Plan in Cincinnati, OH

Complete Credit Repair Services is an accredited credit repair and counseling company committed to helping clients improve their credit score. We understand how a good credit score can help finance a new business or purchase one’s dream home. Our professionals use solid, proven strategies during the credit repair process to help raise our client’s score.

How We Do It

Analyzing Your Credit

We conduct an initial, comprehensive discussion with you to determine your unique circumstances and emphasize the total negative impact of having less than good credit on your life. Your credit report will be analyzed for the accuracy of personal information and any outdated or false information.

Repairing Your Credit

After studying your credit report, we use state-of-the-art software to catalog and act to remove any negative information. We utilize several tools at our disposal to help you in every step of the way. You will be updated by the progress on a monthly basis.


Maintaining Your Good Score

Having good credit is useless if it won’t last long. Through several meetings and conversations, we will help you understand each item on your credit report and the effect it has on your overall credit score. You will also learn how to adopt good credit habits to constantly improve and maintain an excellent credit score.

Our Record Speaks for Itself

Our average score increase in 35 days proves why our company is trusted by numerous clients in Ohio, Kentucky, Colorado, and the surrounding areas:

10-15 points or more - 93%

20-30 points or more - 82%

50-60 points or more - 40%

100 points or more - 25%


Onboarding Fees

Individual - $69

Couples - $99

Basic Plan

Individual - $65

Couples - $115

Enhanced Plan

Individual - $99

Couples - $169


Onboarding Fees Waived for Active Duty, Veterans, Law Enforcement and first Responders. Thank You!

Basic Plan Includes:

In-Depth Credit Analysis

Dispute Analysis

Limited Disputes to All Credit Bureaus

Secure Payment Processing

Private Portal Access

Private Online Access 24/7

Text and Email Updates

Enhanced Plan Includes:

In-Depth Credit Analysis

Unlimited Dispute Analysis

Unlimited Disputes to All Credit Bureaus

Unlimited Creditor Intervention

Credit Improvement Strategies

Financial Improvement Simulation

Credit Education Session

Secure Payment Processing

Private Portal Access

Private Online Access 24/7

Text and Email Updates

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