Complete Credit Repair Services

What Our Clients Say About Our Credit Repair Company

Chris Olsen

I was referred to this father & son owned company by my mortgage company. Getting a loan wasn't the problem....getting a loan at the terms I wanted was a bit trickier. I had the luxury of time on my side and wanted to get myself in the best possible position I could credit wise. What I loved about my experience with CCRS is that I had "personal" attention to my specific needs. Charlie (The son) did exactly what he said he would do! He was great at following up, keeping me in the loop and sending out all the different letters he described. These things take time, it's not a miracle process and you have to commit to being engaged...but the end results are worth it! Here it is about 6 months later and my scores are in the excellent range VS the fair range. Thank you guys for all your help and dedication!

Anthony Tracy

Very professional. Was able to help improve my credit. Highly recommend.

Ronald Williams

Complete Credit Repair Services, great company, they help me go from a 610 score rating to a 650 to 670 score on all three Major rating agencies I highly recommend this company and their friendly customer service, will help you thru the hard times in today's climate Call CCRS

Fd Fd

Complete Credit Repair Services helped us with getting our credit back in check and with giving us the tools and resources to keep it that way! We could not have asked for a better experience!

Junior Lourenco

Great customer service, explaining how the company works and what the company gonna do to get a better credit score!

David Flint

Worked with Charles 3 months and went in needed furniture for my new place and honestly was scared to death I was gonna get rejected and with the help of Charles I got approved and got my new furniture and I’m so freakin excited definitely worth the time and definitely trustworthy

Steve Hickey

My situation was very difficult. My credit score is tied to my business. Due to some misinformation a bank and was reporting I was having a very difficult time accessing credit. Charles was able to get this information removed from all three credit agencies. Driving my score well into the 700s opening up avenues of credit for my business. Thank you so much Charles, you are a rockstar!

Kaiti Collins

So very professional. We reached out for help because we wanted to purchase our house and we needed some assistance credit wise. This was such a great choice in companies. Not only were they very prodesssional but they helped boost our credit enough that we qualified for not just the house but for a better interest rate than we expected. We were treated with respect and were informed every step of the way. I am very happy with these guys!! You won’t regret it


Charles and the team at Complete Credit Repair Services simply put are amazing! Don't wait to contact them. They were able to get me over 100 point increases for all three major credit bureaus and they did it in an incredibly short amount of time. Thank you Charles and Team!

Cheyanne Drake

I highly recommend utilizing this company to boost your credit. Charles is a GO GETTER! He is available almost 24/7 to answer any questions I had! He helped raise my credit score almost 150 points in just 6-7 months! He’s very determined and gets the job done!

Isaac Reyes

I highly recommend this company for your credit needs. Charles has been very professional and has informed me throughout the entire process. He has gone above and beyond to helping me reach my credit score goals. He will totally change your life around and make you a better you. He is still currently working with me to better my credit score but I know I can sleep good at night knowing I have a true professional working behind the scenes on it. Thank you Charles.

Elizabeth McKitrick

Such a positive experience with Complete Credit Repair Services. The customer is put first and with the utmost respect. With all of Charles help, my home buying dreams are able to come true! I’m very grateful for the work this company has done for me and highly recommend them if you are looking for your scores to go up up up. Thanks so much Charles! You’re assistances is a blessing for sure.